Nudity: Thoughts on Kim Kardashian, Lane Bryant, and the Aboriginal Uproar

The cases of Lane Bryant and the aboriginal women both became “visible” because they represent female nudity in non-standard ways.  In the banned Lane Bryant ad, we are presented with a series of images of curvy models whose bodies do not represent our society’s idealized standards.  In fact, they are refreshingly realistic, showing women with rolls when they bend over or whose flesh shakes when they are in movement.  In the voice over, you hear the women discussing how their bodies are strong and beautiful and sexy.  In one image, a woman is breast feeding, a novel sight in a medium (advertising) that singularly views breasts as sexual.  This ad was rejected by network television as being too racy for tv.  Given television programming and advertising (can anyone say Victoria’s Secret!), this explanation strains credulity.  It seems more likely that this ad presents female nudity in ways that differ from the norm and are therefore uncomfortable and disturbing for the powers that be.

Source: Nudity: Thoughts on Kim Kardashian, Lane Bryant, and the Aboriginal Uproar

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