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Oops moment for Atlantic rower Helen Butters on BBC Breakfast

The all-female Yorkshire Rows team ended up revealing more than expected when they joined BBC Breakfast to talk about their record-breaking trip across the Atlantic.
Eagle-eyed viewers spotted that one clip of the foursome at sea briefly showed Helen Butters, 45, naked from the waist down.
The four Yorkshire mothers – Butters, Janette Bennadi, Frances Davies and Niki Doeg – did not notice the slip but told Breakfast hosts Dan Walker and Louise Minchin that being naked was an occupational hazard.

Bennadi, 51, said: “It was so wet all the time – to wear clothes all the time was a bit silly really because they’d just get wet and they’d take a long time to dry so it was easier (to be naked).”
But it was unfortunately the exposed Butters who was hesitant about stripping in front of her friends.
She admitted: “I was the last one to embrace my nakedness.”
The accidental flash was not missed by viewers, particularly men, who took to Twitter to share their thoughts

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