Project Runway All Stars Naturist Episode: Where Naturism, Body Image and Fashion Intersect

Felicity writes about the experience of doing a naturist episode on Project Runway All Stars, Season 5. Brought to you by Young Naturists America.

One would think that naturism and fashion generally don’t mix but…

Of all the production company and TV network pitches we’ve gotten over the years (and there have been a ton of them), the invitation to be part of a fashion reality TV show was most unexpected and unusual.

Last June, Project Runway All Stars contacted us to be part of a special naturist episode. As previously described (and if you didn’t see it), the basic premise was that their group of designers would be challenged with making winter wear for naturists.

As with any TV casting call we get, we approached this opportunity with a fair amount of caution. We wanted to be sure it wasn’t going to be just another bad gimmick with lots of cheap jokes made at our expense.

At first we did not think this would be a project for YNA, but after speaking at length with the executive producer about the episode and casting, we were on board. The producer reassured us that it would be positive and respectful and a big reason for our agreement to do it was that Alyssa Milano hosts the show.

Source: Project Runway All Stars Naturist Episode: Where Naturism, Body Image and Fashion Intersect

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  1. sassycoupleok 3 years ago

    We thought it was very well done and with respect and dignity by all concerned. We obviously feel it would have been better if the nudity was not concealed but understand the need for some.

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