Spanish aristocrat shocks with nude beach photo

Spain’s reclusive Zara heiress shocks with nude beach photo

So Spaniards were shocked this week when a naked photograph of Ortega’s youngest daugher, Marta was uploaded to Instagram.

It was uploaded by Italian fashion photographer, Mario Sorrenti – famous for his nude photographs for the likes of the Pirelli calendar – and was taken on a beach in the Bahamas.

Ortega joins an illustrious line up of previous models for Sorrenti, including Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell

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Thanks for a great trip! #Barbados 2016 @marta_o_p xxx

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curator’s note – surprising what causes a shock. The image hardly seems worthy of shock but then again I don’t know Spainsh culture.

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2 thoughts on “Spanish aristocrat shocks with nude beach photo”

  1. DaveinOhio says:

    Shocking? Was it very cold out or something?
    I just don’t get it how can you tell if she was nude or not.
    And what does it matter any way.

  2. sassycoupleok says:

    Seriously ?!?! You can’t tell if she’s nude or not and what if she is ? What difference does it make ?

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