Why YOU shouldn't be worried about Kim Kardashian's selfie

Now, I know that the Kardashian’s have a lot of friends but I’m pretty sure all of the people leaving comments on a facebook page don’t personally know Kim. People were spending their time bitching, whining and trying to tell her off. I couldn’t help but feel that these people, some of whom were incredibly rude could have had something better to do with their day than be a keyboard warrior and spread even more hate in this world.I thought she looked great and if someone is comfortable enough to do that on their own social media channel then who are we to judge? No one is putting your body up there or asking you to copy, so why get so worked up? People were saying she’s a disgraceful mother for doing this. From what I can see her children are loved, cared for and provided for. Whether or not she wants to show off her body is her business but it doesn’t mean she is a better or worse parent

Source: Why YOU shouldn’t be worried about Kim Kardashian’s selfie

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