Is It Time For A Nipple Revolution?

What’s all this talk about nipples?” several people have been asking me since I started doing #NippleFormation posts on my Instagram page. See, apparently it’s somebody’s job to dig around for anything sensational to write about. Last week, this person figured that my nipples were “news” worthy. Don’t google it! Every single time you click on tabloid articles, you are making them more relevant on google search results, affecting people’s online & indeed offline reputations. You are contributing to a culture of gender-based cyber violence. There is absolutely no story and even if I had exposed my nipples, they are mine to do with exactly as I please.

There was a time when women’s breasts were not sexualized or fetishized in Africa, parts of the Americas, South Pacific, South East Asia and Polynesia. There are still indigenous communities in Africa where the women walk around bare-chested

Source: Is It Time For A Nipple Revolution?


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