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Greetings Beloved's I had to reschedule last week's Nude Yoga & Sweat Lodge session for this Saturday (April 16th) due to inclement weather. However, this Saturday we are slated for 77 degrees!! Lets get this werk! We are halfway filled for this Saturdays session. Register ASAP if you want to be in this number 😉 The Nude Yoga session includes fresh fruit and tea; in addition, it will also include a SWEAT LODGE! That’s right! We will have the benefits of the sweat lodge during this session. The lodge will allow us to go deeper within ourselves before our practice. The SWEAT LODGE will also help us to release toxins and relax our muscles as well. This yoga class is a combination of Core Strength Vinayasa and Kemetic Yoga. THIS IS A NUDE YOGA CLASS. Practicing yoga in the nude will increase your awareness and facilitate the awakening of the dormant, potential energy (Kundalini) that lies at the base of the spine. Moreover, practicing nude yoga will greatly deepen and intensify your experience of yoga. Some of the activities we will engage in during this session are grounding, eye gazing, & meditation. We will also use the sacred red clay to adorn each other before moving into some pranayama (breathing exercises). YOU MUST BE 18YRS OR OLDER TO PARTICIPATE! Please bring your own mat, a towel, and a bottle of water. We do not have any mats to loan and you will need to cover your mat with your towel. Cost: $30 (Single) – There is a 15 person limit to the session so your payment must be made in advance to reserve your space – IF YOU ARE ATTENDING AS A COUPLE THEN YOU ONLY PAY $50!! 🙂 Payments can be paid by to: For Singles: For Couples: Or via Paypal to: PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR EMAIL WHEN MAKING A PAYPAL PAYMENT IN ORDER TO RECEIVE LOCATION INFORMATION!! Location: will be disclosed via email once your payment is made. Please Note: Location for the class is inside of the city perimeter and on the Marta line. I am so excited to share this experience once again with you all!

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