i am

Here’s a little prompt for you all on the final day of submissions for our poetry contest. There’s still time


I am who I am

Nothing  more nothing less

Than you or anyone else
No less sophistication no more finesse

I just am
I am who I am

And that is that

Not for your approval

Cause you think I’m skinny or fat

I just am

I am who I am

Despite what you think

Won’t  be forced in your box

Won’t be just   blue or pink

I just am
I am who I am

Oh what a joy

To find ease without clothes

For all people man woman girl boy

I just am

I am who I am

Being true myself

whatever reflects in the mirror

Come see for yourself

I just am

I am who I am

Without pretense or sway

Won’t change you don’t change me

Take it in and say

I just am

I am


  1. martbel April 15, 2016
  2. martbel April 15, 2016
  3. hontouniheart April 15, 2016

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