52 year old mom survives naked and afraid

Shaffer: Chatham mom endures ‘Naked and Afraid’

For three weeks, Karen Coffee endured the sweaty hardships of a Filipino jungle, fighting a monitor lizard with a machete and eating a pair of slow-roasted skunks – braving it all in the mud-streaked nude.
She hiked barefoot over sharp rocks, slept under bamboo leaves and contracted a jungle virus that turned out to be meningitis. By the end of her 21-day tribulation, her hair fell out in clumps and she could stomach nothing more gastronomically challenging than Eggo waffles and syrup.
At age 52, Coffee can tolerate a more arduous routine than the everyday Chatham County mom. She can run a 20K. She can hold the “plank” yoga position for an hour. She can shoot and field dress a deer, then drag it back to camp.

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