examining the difficulty society has with naturism

Why is it so hard to understand the naturism?

However, many still remain with the idea that they would have to justify to friends and family their presence in areas naturists. Strange thing is that I think just on the contrary, as not giving the body a moment of complete freedom? The moral education of the body is so strong that the individual tries to hide her personality behind the clothes and again I quote the Dr John Veltheim: when people wear clothes as a way to turn off the world and cover in such a way that the world can’t see his distorted inner self-image, they create a tragedy of immense proportions. When hiding behind clothes, people close the your body energetically and psychologically.

See that behind the opposing arguments, scientifically attested in favour of the freedom of the body, are always directed toward morality and education since childhood. Reject nudity is rejecting the body, life, nature. I state that nudity shouldn’t be a problem for an individual sound, well-informed, emotionally balanced. Censorship, once again, is a form of violence, which normally has domestic roots. (4)

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