Female Breasts or Boobs and Mainstream Society

Guide to Breasts, Body Image and Boobs in American Culture

Guide to Breasts, Body Image and Boobs in American Culture

Breasts – Most people have them, not everyone loves them but American culture clearly attaches a lot of importance to them.

There exists an infatuation with female breasts in particular. This is evidenced in part by the many slang names we have for them – boobs, tata’s, jugs, knockers, honkers, hooters, fun bags and the list goes on.

For men, on the other hand, slang terms are almost nonexistent. There’s the abbreviated term, “moobs,” which is a combination of the words man and boobs (the term moobs is normally used to insult men with larger breasts) and “pecks.”

Breasts are not sexual organs or genitalia. But, on women’s bodies, they have long been considered sexual, shameful and taboo (at least in American culture). This sexualization of women’s breasts has created many issues in gender equality and women’s rights.

Social issues aside, breasts can and do serve an important role in early human development as they provide vital nourishment to newborn babies. For many people, of all genders, breasts are also a source of sexual pleasure and expression. Breasts have become a symbol of femininity (as well as fertility and sexuality) and they can be an important part of one’s gender identity or expression, too.

This article will cover basic information about male and female breasts while addressing common misconceptions. It will also discuss cultural attitudes and social issues surrounding the taboo female anatomy.

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