gender fluidity illustrated through nude photographs 

These Gorgeous Nude Photos Show How Incredibly Fluid Gender Is

A follow-up to her earlier collection I Heart Boy, Yatrofsky’s series features photos of models in various states of undress, shot in a way that defies the male gaze. The models have tattoos, cropped hair, body piercings and pubic hair, and while the images are sexy, they don’t conform to any one idea of “femininity” as defined by our culture. 

“For as long as I can remember I’ve been drawn to depicting the body in my work,” Yatrofsky told Mic. “I am both inspired and moved by the inherent strength and beauty of our bodies, and to work with subjects to create images that can explore both femininity and masculinity is very intriguing to me, as these are qualities that are becoming more fluid. Androgyny and the ‘in-between’ is something I find very appealing. 

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