high school girl arrested after confronting ex who leaked nude video

Teen arrested after nude video of her leaked on Kik

Lawyers for a Newnan High School student say she’s being punished for standing up for herself.

Jones said she learned from friends that nude video was circulating through the social medium called Kik and at school she poured water on her ex and cursed him out before a teacher led her to the principal’s office.

Her mother says Jones was suspended a day. The mother and daughter were summoned back to school on Tuesday where Jones was arrested on charges of a misdemeanor disruption of a school charge.

“I started crying ‘cause I just couldn’t believe that they would arrest her,” Jones’ mother said.

Source: WSB-TV Atlanta


Quick thought: It is interesting that the girl was arrested for throwing water on her ex, who circulated the video without her permission, and yet there is no mention about any punishment for him, either from the school or local authorities. Whenever such leaks happen, it is usually the victim who is publicized and punished while the offending parties, those who violated the privacy, remain nameless and blameless. One also has to wonder if arrests happen whenever other disputes and pranks take place between students (e.g. physical altercations, cruel pranks, etc.). I worry about the lesson this young girl might carry with her into her future: standing up to bully activity, including violation of your privacy and rights to your body, results in punishment, so just stay quiet.

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2 thoughts on “high school girl arrested after confronting ex who leaked nude video”

  1. sassycoupleok says:

    Not to take away from any points made. However what she did was at school ! The video was not made there (school) or made public there. Therefore the school has no jurisdiction over those actions. However she may have other re-course outside the school system.

  2. If she is under age then they least you would think they would do is get the boy (notice I did not use the word ‘man’) on child pornography charges. That’s certainly what they would do to me.

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