I will show you my body so that you might see a body that looks like yours

I Got Naked For The Camera Because Fat Bodies Need To Be Seen

On a down comforter-covered king-size bed, in a Courtyard by Marriott hotel, I got naked for Substantia Jones and the Adipositivity Project.

I don’t mean that I took off my pants or my shirt. I mean that I took off my clothes, all of them, even the ones underneath. Just me and my bare-naked ass and Substantia and her camera (and my daughter, Kelsey, to tell me I’m a badass).

It’s a radical act, I guess, stripping for a relative stranger — showing someone your wobbly bits, your unkempt bikini line, the topographical map of varicose veins that run across the back of your thighs.

You might be asking yourself, “Why would she take her clothes off?”

A fair question.

Let me hit you with this hard fact: Ninety-eight percent of the bodies we see displayed in the media are a form less than 2 percent of us can achieve.

(Congratulations, 2 percent. I salute your perfect bone structure.)

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