I wish life was a constant no-pants (or tops) party

Thanks to childhood photos like the above I’ve come to believe I was never really a fan of clothes. If only we could remain childlike and un-self-conscious forever. That time before you start…

It’s got to be one of the greatest feelings, right? You wear your restricting, sometimes uncomfortable clothing (I’m looking at you, bras) all day. You’re hot. You’re tired. It’s been a long day and you just want to be free of all that was. As soon as you slip off your shoes and work clothes, you feel like you’ve started putting the day behind you. If it’s a bit chilly, you put your peejays on and – shazam! – same feeling. Hell, if I could swing it past Jared, I’d crank the heater up and remain naked throughout winter.

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  1. sassycoupleok says:

    My hubby introduced me to clothes free living 12 years ago. Yes I was afraid at first, for about 15 mins. When I suddenly realized this was what had been missing my whole life and especially with my ex who would have never allowed it as he was so jealous of other men looking at me. Now at our resort it’s all the time and so empowering to me. We home office our business nude which has created a few interesting situations with unexpected guests and delivery people. No has died from seeing us nude or really complained because we are so casual about it. It truly is the best way to live. 🙂

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