join in on the 2016 clothes free poetry contest!


Confession: I went through your things last night and found all your hidden journals full of amazing poetry. No, I’m not sorry!

Go open your book to that pile of drafts you’ve had since 2001 and summon one of those amazing pieces you’ve been waiting to complete! There are some beautiful entries coming in for the 2016 Clothes Free Poetry Contest. Wouldn’t you love to join in and share the beauty of your soul, too?

Below is a little tickler of inspiration, a piece I wrote last week for Women on Wednesdays. Once you’ve listened and read, head over to our 2016 Clothes Free Life Poetry Contest page for the details and submit your entry!

I am alive

“I am alive,”
says my heart
to my head

feel me beat
through your feet
when you walk
down the street

bare your soles
open toed
press your heel
really feel

where you stand
take your hand
touch me here
never fear

with your palm
to your chest
take your gaze
to the west

hear the sound
of your breath
even though
you have wept

“I am alive”
says my heart
to my soul

I am free
Just to be
I’m alive
I am me

5 avril 2016


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