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It’s no secret that the editors of this site are dismayed by the incredible amount of “naturist” blogs and social media accounts that simply reblog retweet and repost images of naked people and classify themselves as such. There is a small but growing group of people who are calling for something more -more than just pics. That is the genesis of this campaign and the accompanying hashtag. #morethanpics

Why bother? Why not just leave people alone and let them do their thing?

Well that is exactly what we are doing instead of calling for people to change what they are doing, we are saying do what you want, but we want to offer  another option. That option brings two benefits. It helps raise the caliber of material being put out under the naturist, nudist or clothes free label to a higher level. Secondly we will benefit blogger who adopt this campaign by driving more traffic to their sites from clothes

The first benefit. The level of quality of naturist, and nudist material online is quite lacking. Prn sites have captured the word nudist and do a much better job of marketing and promoting their cause than most genuine nudists do. Many naturists seem to think adopting the naked picture approach used by the prn industry is the best way to get traffic to their blogs. So blog after blog reblogs the same images of naked women many of them taken from p*rn sites and try to fit the them into a naturist frame. Little or no thought seems to be given the to source of the images or the human beings they represent. We think we can do better in representing naturism and nudism in the online space. This is an ideas shared by others.

This is a polar opposite of a nudist tumblr with 3,000 photos all of people that happen to be A. Female B. Blonde and C. 101lbs. What I’m getting at is the nudist community online has some incredibly valuable resources online, they’re just buried under a trash heap of results in the googlesphere.

More over, if nudist content creators want an audience they must raise the bar to keep users coming back. That means continuing to deliver material conducive to the nudist community overall.
If we want to achieve better acceptance, and prove to the rest of the world we are not a bunch of frolicking thin-bodied coeds or creepish guys looking for a date that take crotch-happy selfies mimicking the letter ‘Y’…then we need to make sure the web is populated with more accurate portrayals of nudism. And that starts with us…the community – @nudistnerd

The broader society at least here in the US already has a pretty negative view of naturism and clothes free living. When they encounter naturist labeled stuff that offends not only social mores and aesthetic instincts but also appears cheesy and repetitive that does nothing to create a more positive perception. Naturism and clothes free living ends up looking more like porn with its de-personalized objectified soul less depictions of men and women. While that may not be the intention of the “naturist” blogger (we give everyone the benefit of doubt) the reblogging of pictures without any connection to the human being plays to the conventional wisdom that there is no difference between nudity, clothes free living, naturism and porn. An idea that though widely held, is inaccurate. Truth is that every clothes free body is home to a human being with feelings, a soul, hopes and dreams not just a naked body.

If most or even some bloggers or social media posters regularly shared stories experiences and activities of their own the broader society would begin to see the diverse, normal (as opposed to abnormal and deviant) character of the clothes free community. They would be reminded that nudity is normal in fact natural when they encounters the experiences of human being similar to themselves and those they know. We think this would go a long way towards the positive promotion of the cause.

Second benefit

As mentioned before one of the factors we see in the default reblogging of pics just naked pics. So to serve the self interest of bloggers joining the campaign while still seeking to get traffic to their sites we will be awarding a #morethanpics badge to a new blog or web site  each week. The #morethanpics blog of the week will also get a link on the front page of our web site a free membership  and ad on our social network (including a featured blog post) and a shout out (and possible guest spot) on the clothes free living update audio broadcast from clothes free life radio.

So how does this work.

It’s simple really.

  • No need to start a new blog unless you REALLY want to or don’t have one now.
  • Just begin the practice of posting more than just pics on your blog or social media. Share stories of your own experiences. Give your thoughts on hot topics around naturism,nudism and clothes free living. Report the latest naturist/nudist happenings and events.
  • Tag your posts with #morethanpics. Send us a tweet on Twitter, message on Instragam to be sure we know you are onboard.
  • We will check out your site and award the #morethanpics badge to the site we think is most deserving each week.
  • We will email you the badge image to place on your site where it most stay for ar least a month to get the above benefits.

That’s it we hope you will join us in this effort to UP our game online to be more effective in promoting naturism, nudism and clothes free living.

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