myclothesfreelife soft launch the social network sister site of which has been in development for the past few month is moving to a new development phase. The site is now into it soft launch. We have a functioning set of features and   We are inviting the regulars of to register for membership. This is not a public launch and will only be available if you already have a account.

So here’s how it works. If you have a account (if you blog on you do, if you signed up for one when you subscribed to following this site you do) go to Click the green login button on the home page, this will load the login page. On the login screen type in your WordPress username and click login with WordPress. It’s a good idea to login to first. Then you will be taken to registration screen to fill in account details and once your membership is approved you be able to access the full site. See other members post updates, upload images and more. If you attempt to register any other way but by using a WordPress account the registration will we held until we are open for punlicensed registrations. If you don’t have a account but really can’t wait to be a part of the happenings at my then send us a note using the contact form and let us know why you are so enthusiastic.


Example of the login screen

So if you want to be a pioneer for this new social network site designed for and by people who live clothes free visit now.

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  1. casuallybuff says:

    Good luck with development. Looking forward to your new site

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