naked rambler cares for his mother with clothes on

Naked Rambler puts clothes on to take sick mother for walks without being arrested 

The ex-marine revealed that his mother had also suffered a stroke.

Mr Gough, from Eastleigh, Hampshire, said: “At the moment what’s appropriate is looking after my mum – she needs 24-hour care.

“If she wants to go for a wander, I’ll get dressed and go with her whatever time it is.

“Obviously I’m clothed when I’m doing all this – I’d get arrested if I wasn’t and then she’d have no one to look after her.

“She’s gradually getting worse. I need to be here. I had to respond to what was necessary.”

Mr Gough first started walking the length of Britain in 2003, campaigning for freedom of all kinds.

The former lorry driver has been arrested a number of times and completed a number of stints in prison – mostly in solitary confinement due to his refusal to wear clothes.

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3 thoughts on “naked rambler cares for his mother with clothes on”

  1. Pipermac avatar pipermac5 says:

    I applaud Mr Gough for caring for his mom even though it means laying aside his own desires for a while. Yes, what he has been doing is NOT “wrong”, but he is honoring his mom by caring for her. His next naked-stroll can wait for another time.

  2. casuallybuff says:

    So sad to hear that the Naked Rambler’s mum needs care and well done for doing the right thing even though his favoured naked rambling is now on the back burner. The problem for UK law has dissipated like morning mist at least for now. So what was really achieved by longer incarceration than ‘life sentences’?

    At worst, nothing and it will all become naturist folklore.

    At best,
    – hero status for pushing acceptance boundaries for public nudity,
    – bringing the subject into the media so that so many of us could discuss this openly and
    – highlighting the injustice of the justice system, where 1 single person is subject to ASBO, inconsistent with the thousands of others that remain free to attend nude public events, hike naked and of course visit beaches all around Britain.

    My belief is that Gough is a pioneer. In years to come, when public non-sexual nudity has reached ‘acceptable’ status (I make no suggestions on when this will be and it could take decades), the Naked Rambler will have done his bit to further this cause. But, just as other discrimination has been corrected in the past, naturism WILL reach lofty heights of, if not acceptance, public indifference…is that so bad?

  3. jochanaan1 says:

    I can imagine the comments already, that this is a victory for “common sense.” Yet it’s a loss for Mr Gough, and for us. When will we all learn that the presence or absence of body coverings has nothing to do with our actions and character?

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