namaste in the nude

Naked yoga Vancouver: Say namaste in the nude

Line up your chakras, look through your third eye, and get ready to say “namaste” in the nude – naked yoga has hit Vancouver.

The nude yoga class run by Rope Kitteh – that’s the anonymous bondage name that she prefers to go by – is supposed to be a safe space for people of all genders to get their stretch on without judgement.

“The idea is to feel liberated and free of clothing,” Kitteh tells Vancity Buzz. “The idea is not to be staring at your neighbour’s butt. I don’t put up with comments from other students – no body shaming.”

Kitteh runs two classes: one for female-identified people and one for all genders. All classes are conducted in partial darkness to take away the uncomfortable possibility of leering eyes.
“I have a few trans ladies who enjoy coming to the lady’s class. And ladies are welcome to wear underwear – so perhaps you’re a pre-op trans person and you want to cover up and that’s fine,” she says.

Kitteh has instructed naked yoga in other cities across Canada and she felt women should have their own class for comfort reasons.

The classes are held in a secret location in downtown Vancouver, and anyone who signs up must be verified by Kitteh to insure the space remains safe.

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