naturism's dirty little secret that you should know

Naturism has a dirty little secret and it’s time it was exposed. Shh.. Come closer and I will tell you. 

Are you ready for this? Can you handle the truth? Well,  like it or not here is the one thing some naturists and nudists don’t want you to know.


Yes that’s it! It is out of the bag! Naturists, nudists and people who practice clothes free living are human beings. Contrary to conventional wisdom we  aren’t freaks, we aren’t pervs we aren’t crazy, we aren’t social misfits, we aren’t hippies, (well some of us aren’t), we are human beings. We come from all walks of life. We come in all shapes and sizes. We are historically and increasing diverse, and guess what? We don’t all think alike. We don’t all believe the same things. We aren’t all liberals, we aren’t all conservatives. We aren’t all old, we aren’t all young.

What does it mean that we are human beings? It means we aren’t perfect. We get ANGRY, we have feelings that can be HURT. We have egos that can be HUGE. We can opinionated, sometimes to a FAULT. We are FRAGILE! More than we want to admit. We are sometimes INCLUSIVE and sometimes not. We have heroes and champions and “GODS”.  We have preferences, beliefs and CONVICTIONS. That makes some of us racists, some of us sexist, some of us homophobes. But some of us are gay, some of us gender fluid. In short everything that exists in the rest of humanity can be found among naturists. Naturism is no magic bullet no great equalizer, because we are human and all have flaws. Whether we want to admit it or not, naturism, nudism, can only create the appearance of equality not equality itself. Because equality is something that lives in the hearts and minds of individuals. Yep, that’s you and me, and since we are all different and all just human beings that means there is no single monolithic example of a naturist, nudist or person who lives clothes free. Let’s stop with all the extravagant absolutes about what naturism,nudism, and clothes free living can do. It doesn’t serve the cause well. 

Naturism, nudism and clothes free living is also REAL. It’s real because you and I are real. Real human beings, real people with real thoughts, hopes and dreams. So naturism, nudism and clothes free living can help heal. It can help with body acceptance. It can help us see past the things in society that divide us. It can help make us more healthy. But it doesn’t solve all an individual’s problems or the world’s pressing social issues. 

When you and I make statements suggesting that, I think we sound naive, insensitive, illogical and maybe even irrational to the rest of society. Those are things we can ill afford if we want to normalize clothes free living and social nudity. So let’s bust this secret right out in the open. Let’s start telling the truth! Naturists, nudists, and those who live clothes free are real people. We laugh, we cry. We live, we die. We bleed and much more. But nakedness cannot will not solve all problems. 

I got 99 and nakedness can’t solve most of them. That’s the secret and I’m sticking to it. 

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