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  1. mrich2029 avatar Matthew Richardson says:

    I’ve always considered them two different things; like naturists are nudists who also have more affinity towards being in nature/being vegan/ something like that, since that’s kinda the vibe i’ve gotten from the interwebz . . . but i guess i stand corrected.

    1. Historically the distinction tends to be more geographic than anything Europeans don’t tend to describe themselves as nudists rather as naturists. Nudists tends to be very North American in its usage. South Americans use naturist as well. My observation is the roots of the practice in those areas. One oriented more towards getting back to nature away fro city life and finding health and the other focused more on nude recreation. So Europeans are less likely to see themselves as nudists than North Americans are to see themselves as naturists/nudists.

      Both terms can be somewhat exclusive as they are used today and the word nudist has been coopted online by the porn mongers to just mean being naked. Type nudist into google and you find porn sites mixed in with nudist sites.

      Bigger question that prompted the post is why does it matter?

      1. All-Nudist says:

        It’s kind of funny that the only place I’ve heard this topic debated is online, not at venues! I think most actual active nudists/naturists know damn well what our lifestyle and community is all about, and have no need to argue any perceived differences with those who waste their time trying to define nudism/naturism to suit their own conceptions of what it ought to be.

        The rest of us are too busy enjoying the lifestyle and trying to strengthen our community!

  2. Pipermac avatar pipermac5 says:

    Yes, both words mean the same thing, but I tend to use “naturist” rather than “nudist” because “naturist” is less-likely to provoke a negative-reaction, particularly among Christians.

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