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I feel like I'm going through a "#breast & #nipple consciousness awakening". Seriously. My intention was to write a quick blog post titled "The #NippleRevolution", inspired by a highly inappropriate tabloid article about my nipples. Instead my mind has been churning for days, fascinated by this mess of a world we live in & wondering if & how my words can make a difference. I have so many questions: ✨ 1. If we still have communities (which tribes?) in Kenya where the women are topless, can urban women just decide to ignore the male gaze & go about our business? (Say Safety wasn't an issue) ✨ 2. Why aren't men's breasts (even when big) sexualized the way women's are? Is anyone telling them to wear bras? ✨ 3. Are we heading in the direction of the West where one day women in Africa will have to fight for the right to #breastfeed in public? ✨ Has someone written a thesis about #breastculture in Africa? I want to read it. In the meantime, I need to process & compress my thoughts into words that'll explain why I've been having all this #NippleTalk the last few days. Stay tuned via ☀️☀️☀️ #feministbelike … Let's all get into #NippleFormation ✊🏾😘

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