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Body Week: An Artistic Reflection On Being Naked

The stillness was impeccable. Only the faint movement coming from her shoulders as she inhaled and exhaled existed. It seems she entered a trancelike state.
The model, Sally,* assumed her pose, sitting horizontal in the chair with her legs crossed and bent at the knee, feet gently planted on an adjacent seat. She folded her hands across her shins and tilted her head forward, her short black hair hanging down to cover her face.
“When I start posing, I create a kind of backstory to get into it, but after that moment I let it go,” Sally explains, “It’s like a meditation in a weird way. At first, I might be thinking about what I should get for dinner even what will happen in my future, but I always try to let go of my thoughts.”
This scenario may seem laughably inconceivable–our naked bodies are private; visible only to us and a select few. For art models, however, nudity is a landscape of bare skin to be rendered into new forms. They allow for alternative translations of what the nude form can have and bend into a mental reflection from the physical labor of serene stillness.

“I’ve done it so many times, it’s not really a big deal,” art model Andrew Cahner tells BTRtoday. “And I try not to make it a big deal.”

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