secret war against Orange County naturists?

#Why Did Huntington Beach Ban Naturists From a Public Pool They Had Used for Years?

There was virtually no mention of the fact that more than six months after the ban was put in place, Gates still has not said what the incidents or complaints were and which city employees complained. In fact, the only city employees who seemed to want to talk were folks who said they really enjoyed working the events, that the naturists were responsible and well-behaved and so much fun that at least one HB employee, after working an event, actually attended a subsequent one as a participant.

That something like this would happen in a city that not only celebrates, but also markets itself on beach culture—Surf City—a culture that celebrates the body, seems odd, especially when you consider that virtually every day—certainly every day in spring and summer—Orange County’s most popular beach, crowned by a statue of a naked surfer, is home to flesh-and-blood ones who regularly use PCH as a changing room, their own naked bodies hidden, sometimes barely and sometimes not at all, by hoisted towels, where women and girls in bikinis somehow present themselves more provocatively than their naked counterparts at Olive Dell.

What is disturbing is that HB’s war against these naturists has been carried out with a kind of Star Chamber efficiency unburdened by actual facts, names, times or events. The accused, NITOC, has never been told what they are actually accused of or who is making the accusations. The reason for the ban has been given at some times as personal preference of employees, at others because of the Kafka-esque unnamed “incidents,” and therefore the naturists are to be excluded in the interest of the Orwellian catch-all that is “public safety”—the language of coups and dystopian teen lit.

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  1. jochanaan1 3 years ago

    *hissssss* Mr. Gates is the one who needs to come clean! As for the article, it’s really very good; the author obviously has a handle on naturism.

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