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Finding Ourselves Under the Layers

There is a community in East Gwillimbury that aims to heal the world one body at a time. I have been curious about the Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park for years and every time I drive by their gate on Kennedy Road just south of Queensville Road I wonder about the property, who goes there and generally, what is a Naturist Park? So finally, one wintery day, I pulled up the driveway to meet with the owner and park operator Stéphane Deschênes. I was surprised to find them open during the winter but they are a 4 season park with beautiful indoor and outdoor facilities.

 >Stéphane and his wife Linda bought the property in 2006. The 50 acre piece of land was purchased as a naturist retreat in 1972 and though there were several different owners, it has been a sanctuary for naturists for most of that time. The property is naturally diverse with forest, meadow, ponds and a small lake. There are areas to tent, camp in trailers or even spacious rooms in the main lodge to rent for a stay. It is a beautiful, natural place for a vacation and a jumping off point for a naturist lifestyle.

 >When people talk about Bare Oaks, the curiosity often comes from a resort that includes nudity as the basis for their programs. It is not a clothing optional place. If you are staying, you are going to hang your clothes up in the closet and come out into the world wearing only the skin you were born with. Coming from a German background, I am very comfortable with nudity but I have spent little to no time in social settings where it is an acceptable fact of life. Personally, I like the freedom of having no clothes but to Stéphane, Bare Oaks and a naturist lifestyle, is about more than just taking your clothes off. He told me that “Naturism is not about being nude; nudity is just a tool, a means to an end.”

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