shedding clothes for a wedding 

Clothes Shedding – my experience of a nudist

was invited to join a good friend of mine at a naturist (nudist for those of you who don’t know) resort over the weekend. Having been to Sandy Bay a couple of times, and enjoying walking around with the minimum/no of clothes when in the privacy of my house, it sounded like a good idea.

I arrived at the farm, as it is affectionately known, mid Friday afternoon and decided to bite the bullet and stripped down and started exploring the facilities. I wandered around the pool area (no-one there), amongst the houses (no one there) and then the bar. An aged gentleman greeted me very friendly and, upon seeing the pool table, I decided to play a couple of games.
During this, a few people, all naked, walked in and out of the bar without paying me any notice other than a friendly hello. As there seemed to be a lot of activity in the hall leading from the bar, I decided to investigate.
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  1. moniquasexton avatar Moniqua says:

    I want a naturist wedding. But I would have to have two weddings.

    1. 🙂 are we all invited to the naturist one?

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