students at Minnesota university propose nudist dormitory 

Nudist Dorm Proposed

It is SMSU tradition that certain dorms will be housing certain majors, such as Charisma being the dorm for Agriculture majors. There are new rumors of an entirely new Living and Learning Community (LLC): a nudist dorm. Students were very opinionated on whether or not the concept should be approved. “I think that it’s great that we’re including a different lifestyle in our community. I personally would never choose to live in that dorm, but I think it’s great that we’re expanding the community’s horizons,” Laura Huebert, a sophomore, said. “I think that it would be scary for a lot of people,” Illana Peter, also a sophomore, said. “I would imagine that whoever’s making the decision would put the dorm somewhere not near the other dorms, so that people who aren’t comfortable living with naked people wouldn’t have to see that.” – 

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  1. Dan says:

    I wonder if this is real – the link has the word satire in it.

    1. Remember today is April 1

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