sunday shorts: featured short stories and essays

We are excited to announce a new monthly series on

Sunday Shorts

In this series, we will share short stories and essays written by people from the clothes free community. Of course, the intention is to have clothes free life as a major theme in the story or essay.
Imagine starting your Sunday by reading or listening to a short piece of fictional work from creative minds in the community. Oh, that’s right: we will offer them in both written and audio form, so that whether you’re relaxing in bed or running around the city on the go with your earphones in (yeah, I’m one of those), you can enjoy a nice piece of work on your Sunday.

Keep your eyes out for the for installment coming in the near future!

Have a short story or essay you would like to contribute? (Yeah, I read your mind. I’m good at that! You’re thinking about waffles, too, aren’t you? Make that happen for yourself.) If you have a piece and you’d like to share it with others, hop over to the Contribute page and send us a message about what’s on your heart to share!

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