Talk up Tuesday April 12, 2016 topic why I love clothes free living

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why I love clothes free living

There was another topic originally scheduled to be out talk up topic but in the spirit of our recently announced effort to focus on the positives of  clothes free living, naturism and nudism we decided on a different question. So take a moment to answer the why of clothes free living why do like/love clothes free living what is it about clothes free living that brings you joy?

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4 thoughts on “Talk up Tuesday April 12, 2016 topic why I love clothes free living”

  1. Nature Fun Talk says:

    I enjoy being nude. It makes me feel free. Being nude in the presence of others makes everyone equal. I also like sun bathing in the nude so that I don’t get any tan lines. Everyone should try the nudist lifestyle. I believe people of any age should try it.

  2. mah38blog says:

    I feel more aware of, and connected to, my environment without the separation and protection that clothes provide. This is especially true when I’m outside. I don’t need the presence of other people, just the safety of a space where I can legally be clothes free.

  3. moniquasexton avatar Moniqua says:

    Apparently it runs in my family, although this day and age, not so much. It really began when I started becoming more comfortable with my body. I could stand to see myself naked. I realized how freeing it was and clothes are just a way to hide things, though most people don’t make that connection. After a long 12 HR day of work, you come home and take your clothes off, what do you feel? Free, right? Taking your clothes off resembles taking off everything bad that happened that day, taking off the traffic, long hours, hateful coworkers, excruciatingly enormous amount of work, the germs, and just everything about that day comes off the minute you step out of your clothes. Waking up in the morning and not having to get dressed, is more peaceful and comes with a sense of being able to conquer the day. I tend to get more things done around the house and more content is created. It’s energizing.

  4. mrich2029 avatar Matthew Richardson says:

    Well, it all started one day when I was a teenager . . . I had just gotten home from school, and out of the shower. Since no one else was home, i didn’t get dressed right away, and I that was the day I discovered that I actually felt pretty good not wearing clothes. After that day, I started spending more and more time not wearing anything because its comfortable. The side effect of drastically increased positive body image didn’t hurt either.

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