Talk up Tuesday April 19, 2016 topic:responding to anti nudity laws

This week’s topic: Anti nudity laws

 How should the naturist/nudist and clothes free community respond to laws that criminalize nudity on private property or advocating the practice of clothes free living?

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2 thoughts on “Talk up Tuesday April 19, 2016 topic:responding to anti nudity laws”

  1. SimonT avatar Simon T says:

    So if you ignore the ‘other’ bracket the two choices in this poll appear to be ‘fight aggresively’ or ‘ignore/obey’. In which case I would suggest the poll is fundamentally flawed. To fight aggresively means what exactly? Civil disobedience? Saying ‘no’ to an officer when they tell you to get dressed? Act like Stephen Gough, our miltant UK celebrity freedom fighter? What about fighting non-aggresively? What about pursuing campaigning though lobbying, education – small incremental steps? Or are these included in the ‘aggresive’ bracket? i.e. actually doing something about it. The bottom line here is that I don’t feel inclined to vote. What I am interested in however, is how those who have ticked ‘fight aggresively’ would actually go about doing that and what lengths they would go to…

  2. jovan1984 says:

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    The only appropriate response to anti-nudity laws is to fight them aggressively. And ignore such laws if fighting is unsuccessful.

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