talk up tuesday April 5, 2016 clothing optional or clothes free first time

talk up tuesday April 5, 2016 clothing optional or clothes free how would you feel most comfortable your first time vision a naturist/nudist venue

Welcome to the debut of talk up Tuesday. Share your opinion, your voice, your thoughts on the topic of the week. This week’s question came from a response on Twitter to a tweet made during last week’s live broadcast. Host EarlD suggested some people might be more comfortable on a first time visit to a naturist/nudist venue if it were clothing optional instead of clothes free. The very¬†specific quote drew very generalized response to in the words of one Twitter give the “other side”. We think there is only one side that of the person who is testing the waters for the first time. That do you think?

Talk up would you be most comfortable your first time at a distance/naturist venue if it was clothing optional or clothes free. Do you think your friends or family who are no naturist/nudists or clothes free be more comfortable first time at clothes free or clothing optional venue?

Remember you can add an audio reply, take the survey, add a comment or all of the above. We ask that you keep responses on subject and disagree without being disagreeable. Talk up!

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7 thoughts on “talk up tuesday April 5, 2016 clothing optional or clothes free first time”

  1. SimonT avatar Simon T says:

    I have one thought to put out there:

    There is a significant number of non-naturists, who as well as being uncomfortable with their OWN nudity, are also uncomfortable around OTHER peoples nudity….so….if naturist man wants to try and put wife who is uncomfortable around other’s nudity at better ease with nudity in general before even approaching the subject of her own body…how would the naturist community best introduce her to a naturist environment? No pressure for her to be nude…definitely…but also we would want to introduce her gently to a naturist environment to just be with others who are nude.

    I think this is a missed concept by a lot of happy naturists used to being social naturists. Getting over the anxiety about one’s own nudity is only PART of the journey. Acceptance and respect of the choice of OTHER people is just as important.


    1. Excellent point made more effectively than I have been capable of doing.

  2. Seven Dair says:

    Can nudists accept that new nudists may be apprehensive baring all in front of others? And that not everyone’s method to transitioning to nudism is to dive right in head first into cold waters? So, while I support either clothing optional and strictly clothes free venues, pressure can not be placed on any nudist new or not to be clothes free because their are many factors to make a person feel uncomfortable in a particular setting. However any individual nudist or not should be well warned and well prepared mentally before venturing to a strictly clothes free environment just as much as pressure should not be put on an apprehensive/inexperienced individual to go nude at an optional venue for the same reasons. The best thing you can do for them is be comfortably nude even if they are not and eventually they will lose their apprehensions and insecurities once they see your comfortable example.

    1. Thanks for talking up and asking the question. I think you raise some good points about understanding a person’s comfort level

  3. Was thinking about this a while. I remember that in my case, it had to be clothing optional, because mom wanted to come and be there with me and learn, but wasn’t yet ready to be nude. So the optional allowed us to go together despite our different dress. But that was just our case. Not sure what I would have preferred alone, and could be totally different for others. She did walk away with tons of respect for those clothes free, articulated how normal it was for her to talk to a nude stranger even as she was clothed. .

  4. edzoeller says:

    If someone is going to visit a resort, they came for one reason, to see how it is to be clothes free. Allowing people with the “clothing optional” pass, opens up the gates for those who just want to come and stare at nude people.
    One thought would be, if it is allowed is that the people be confined or shown the area where a few nudist would be present. They can see from a distant and if they decide to visit, clothes off, otherwise, there is the gate.

    Ed Z

    1. That is an interesting idea you suggest.

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