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It’s been stated by us on this blog and social media, the naturist/nudist presence online is pretty weak. We use outdated technology and archaic methods to present the cause. Naturist/nudist blogs have a devolved to a limited practice of reblogging pictures from each and calling that a blog. The folks over at the Reddit nudism community have a read handle on the problem

Run a search on google for nudism…you’re going to see tumblr after tumblr that contains hundreds of pages of nothing but naked people. Frankly, what’s the point? To show nudists what naked people look like?

With each social network, there is a silent conversation that takes place. If I put a song on soundcloud…it’s me saying “Listen to this because I think you’ll feel something from it.” If I make a WordPress blog, it’s me going “What I say here is something important I found and I want you to value it’s importance too.”

When you google nudists and get tumblr pages filled with photos, where is the conversation to go? “Hey look at this naked person!”

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At we think it’s time for the folks who care about nudism, naturism and clothes free living to step up their game. We want to do more than critique that we want to help, to be the change we want to see. To that end we will be launching a internet presence campaign for naturists,nudist, and those living clothes free called more than pics. This campaign will support, promote and encourage naturist, nudist and clothes free life blogs and bloggers that do more than post naked pics. The campaign launch and all the details will be shared on our weekly broadcast.

Until then here are some tips from non-naturist sources that we think are good things we can learn from to step up our game.

  • Top Five Mistakes We Make in Personal Blogging This writer and author address some observed flaws seen in many naturist/nudist blog: not knowing your audience and assuming just because you write some thing people will read it.
  • 4 Ways To Re-Purpose Your Blog Posts Using Periscope
    – We have spoken a great deal recently about using new social media platforms effectively. This blogger and branding coach explains and illustrates how to leverage content from your existing blog for use in a new social media like Periscope. Note this blogger describes herself as an emotional nudist the part emotional part is the important aspect to note. It’s not actually a nudist blog, but a good example of how catch words and phrases can be used in branding.
  • Five Blogging Tips for the Non-Typical Blogger – if you are a newbie blogger or a writer who is considering blogging then this set of tips from the  Dream Host blog is a good primer for starting out right. Dream host is a web hosting company that houses the servers for our social network site
  • Daily Post – Whether you blog on or not, this a a great source for ideas and resources that all kinds of bloggers find helpful

OK that’s it for now. Remember to listen to the broadcast to get the details on the more than pics campaign and much more.  Stay tuned for more tips, how tos and resources for using technology to promote naturism, nudism and clothes free living. Share your tips and resources in the comment section. Is there an angle on this we missed? Add it in the comments as well.

About the author: Verified member Moderator Earl D

Founder, editor in chief, news curator

  1. Jai Stone 2 years ago

    Thanks for sharing my blog post! Cheers!

  2. Bare Beach Bum 2 years ago

    Maybe I don’t have my creative hat on today but I have a hard time thinking of original topics on which to write. We’ve all read countless stories about how we all got into nudism/naturism, events, nude yoga, nude cooking, nude travel, etc. To me it is like writing about the air we breathe because it is just an integral part of life except for the legal restrictions about where we can practice being nude.

    I do enjoy reading about the resorts and travel because they help me discover new and fun places to go. I look for new topics here and every couple of days there are new and exciting articles someone writes somewhere. I like to read about the activism, but I am hard pressed to come up with topics for me to write. I could post articles on some of our social nudity events.

    I agree that we need to have a greater presence but what is the best way to do that where we can excite and attract people. I like having sites like this one that can aggregate individual sites so noobs and experience people can come together in a community.

    • Earl D avatar Author
      clothesfreelife 2 years ago

      I think it would be nice to have people share ordinary clothes free experiences. It doesn’t have to spectacular but authentic. Just little snippets of experience that express clothes free life.

  3. ysgibson 2 years ago

    Good Luck with your ongoing efforts my friend, for me, hands up in the air. Until such time people in this community whom claim to not judge others show more respect for ALL WALKS OF LIFE. Why bother. Personally I am tired and ashamed for the community of cyber bashers who spout and tout off their opinions about those who actually get off there asses and do something about it. Instead of hiding behind kitty cat photos and claiming to be the wizard of world wide nudity. We live in 2016 not the 1800’s and no one has to drink any kool aid to enjoy living life clothing free.


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