Turtle’s Own Words: Going Bare-chested in Pittsburgh ( via breasts are healthy)

Gingerbread came up to visit Pittsburgh last weekend.

We’d just gotten the confirmation from the city’s legal department that female bare-chestedness was legal, the culmination of a conversation that began with her trip to Pittsburgh in December to talk to some of the officers from the police force.

(The response from PBP Legal Department read: CONCLUSION There is no City or State law which expressly prohibits or even addresses the act of appearing bare-breasted in public. Based upon the information provided to the Law Department, the City does not appear to have any legal grounds under the City Code or Title 18 (i.e. the Commonwealth’s Crimes Code) to cite or arrest women for being bare-chested without any additional sexual or criminal behavior associated therewith. The City is preempted from regulating criminal conduct on its own so we only have state law with which to work.)

This visit we were going to test the grounds for the first time officially.

Read source : https://breastsarehealthy.wordpress.com/2016/04/10/turtles-own-words-going-bare-chested-in-pittsburgh/

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