visit to Michigan clothes free camp with practical nudists

Nudism in Forest Hills

The sun was slipping down towards the horizon as we left the town of Saranac, walking on the road out to Forest Hills. After a 2 mile walk, we arrived at the gate.

I punched the call button on the intercom system. A very muffled and distorted voice answered back. After a few confused minutes of trying to understand each other through the intercom. The gate swung open. Unsure as to what we were supposed to do we stepped inside the gate, and after a few minutes the gate swung closed. eventually we figured that we should head up to the office. It was there that we met Terry, the voice on the other side of the intercom.

I had assumed that it was just a bad intercom system, but Terry had a very distinct manner and sound to his voice. Standing next to him as we checked in was Betty. Betty gave us the ten cent tour while Terry checked us in. After that, Terry pointed us to a camp site a little ways from the club house and said good night

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