wow poetics: my body matters, too

For this week’s Women on Wednesday, poetry takes the stage, as is appropriate given that is currently hosting the 4th annual Clothes Free Poetry Contest “The Body as Poetry” as well.

I offer a series of poems throughout the day today.


Photo 06-04-2016 11 14 31my body matters, too

my body matters, too
maybe not to you
or to the tweeting heads
or any online threads

but my breasts can shout
and wiggle all about
when I march my right
and for my freedom fight

my bones spell naked grace
paint joy about my face
as I breathe and flow
I light my soul aglow

perhaps my skin’s a sin
and there’s no way to win
covered or exposed
my journey no one knows

my story matters, too
my rights and history do
even if nobody knew
my story matters, too

– hontouniheart
5 avril 2016

Inspiration: on the (lack of) coverage of clothes freedom / top freedom experiences of “othered” women around the world





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