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Young Nudists Rising

The laser taggers were members of a new local social group. The idea behind Young Nudists of Texas United, or YNOTU (as in “Why Not You?”), is simple: Plan fun recreational events and do them in the buff. In only two years, membership has grown from the three co-founders to about 30. And that number doesn’t include non-members, who are welcome to any YNOTU event and who sometimes, co-founder Jose Salas said, outnumber the members.

YNOTU is also getting legs, as the saying goes. Along with helping run the Young Nudist Leaders Summit, a national conference that will be held at Bluebonnet Nudist Park in Alvord, Texas, July 29-31, the local group is considering helping young nudists in Austin, Houston, and Waco launch their own YNOTU chapters.

Salas is excited about the growth and the possibility of starting chapters outside North Texas, noting that people from as far away as California and Florida have attended YNOTU events.

While the group is getting more attention than ever, he said it’s important for YNOTU to maintain control of the growth.

“We want to make sure people and venues get to know what we, and nudism, are really about,” he said, before its ideas are spread hundreds of miles away.

I know what you’re thinking: These people are just a bunch of swingers. Actually, they aren’t. And never have been. Most nudist groups in the United States have not been or are not sexual in nature.

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