"more than naked" by Austrian choreographer Doris Uhlich , Israel Festival

Austrian choreographer Doris Uhlich presents “More Than Naked” at the Israel Festival.

“Without the body, you cannot do anything. You cannot write an email or make a phone call. Everything starts from it. I’m able to deal and concentrate on the body as a point of departure, an archive of our biography and also of the world. The body is a storage system; we store the world in our body. It’s very complex to deal with our body. In More Than Naked, we shake our flesh. I always say that when I shake the flesh and the body, I shake the archive and the system.

The body is a brain. When I shake it, I active and mobilize my system,” she says.

For Uhlich, nudity is not a provocation or a show stopper, it’s a necessity.

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