my journey to nakedness

The Surprising Reason I’m Always Mostly Naked

This exploration of how little I can get away with wearing in public was fucking liberating.

As I removed layers of fabric, I also removed the burden I had been carrying around for over a decade: the burden of controlling how other people experience my body. I was removing myself entirely from the responsibility to control how people receive me, and I felt wildly free.

People made fun of me, sure. One night I was out with my best friends and they were laughing about my shorts, which didn’t even pretend to cover the bottom of my butt cheeks. I realized in that moment how far I had come, how little I cared, and what a big deal that was.

I felt completely safe to be myself, and that meant all of me. No hiding.

And that’s when I realized the deeper significance of my journey to nakedness.

I have several instances of sexual assault in my history, and I went through an experience at 19 involving an emotionally abusive partner.

Wearing clothes had been, without even realizing it, a layer of protection between myself and a world that felt unsafe.

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Repost from @remodelfitnessnyc Check out this very real fitness pro as she shares her journey to #clothesfreeliving and body acceptance while authentically pursuing personal fitness "The Surprising Reason I'm Always Mostly Naked." New blog post just went live. This shit is personal, and important. Link in bio. "Through those glorious fashion magazines, I learned that I had been using clothes wrong. Clothes weren’t for self-expression and fabulous visuals, I finally learned. Clothes were for tricking people. It became clear as I consumed story after story on how to dress myself that some clothes were only ok for some bodies, and other clothes were ok for other bodies. It became clear that as a woman with curves, my job was to constantly downplay and disguise those curves and keep people from noticing them. It was unacceptable to just “wear” my clothes, I had to arrange them in a way that created complicated optical illusions, so as to not offend anyone or give the wrong impression." #remodelfitness #fitness #natural #naturist #yoga #bodypositivity #bopo #naked #nude #confidence #selfesteem #feminism #selfworth #selflove #nakedness #authentic #inspiration #vulnerable #growth #peace #love

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