talk up Tuesday may 10 2016 does naturism/nudism have a woman problem

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Does naturism and nudism have a problem with reaching women?

Talk up add your voice. What if anything needs to be done in response to this question?

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  1. weednaturism 3 years ago

    Naturism has a problem of recruiting people in general. Naturism needs more young people, more women, and more people of color.

  2. SimonT avatar
    Simon T 3 years ago

    We must be careful in assessing the relative popularity of simple nudity in terms of the demographics, particularly men and women, since our perception can be biased by the means we assess it. That is….the male bias in terms of online presence and maybe also interest in club social naturism may be more obvious than other measures, notably, stay-at-home nudity, World Naked Bike Rides, and also naturist holidays, where it is likely the genders are far more balanced. So I voted “in some circles”, because the general male bias on media such as Twitter is already very pronouced before you even consider genuine naturism…

  3. mrich2029 avatar
    Matthew 3 years ago

    This is such a multifaceted issue, I think that nudism as a whole can use some rebranding to make it more appealing to women though. I think that one of the things that gets discussed a lot is the fact that it seems that the only pics of women involved in nudism tend to be the young fit white women and it’s probably a deterrent for women who don’t fit THAT image.

    I know that you also have that movement going on that is trying to get people out of just sharing images, and I understand that movement completely, but at the same time, representation matters. Women need to see that nudism doesn’t and shouldn’t include just a small demographic.

    • Earl D avatar
      clothesfreelife 3 years ago

      Thanks for the comment great point about the typical representation of women

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