talk up Tuesday may 3 2016 is it important to disclose clothes free life?

Talk up Tuesday question of the week inspired by @jason_ardron on twitter

Do you think its important or a duty to disclose you are a naturist or living clothes free? Or is it an individual’s choice?

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2 thoughts on “talk up Tuesday may 3 2016 is it important to disclose clothes free life?”

  1. Bare Beach Bum says:

    What a great question and topic to discuss. I thought that there would be more comments. A couple years ago when I was reassessing what was important in my life, I realized that naturism was deeply ingrained in my identity because it helped me to feel better about myself and body. I decided that I was going to be more open about my practice and promote it more until a dose of realism came from my ex. She reminded me that people are more accepting of homosexual marriage than naturism and that there is so much misinformation about it.

    The people in the community in which I live likes to think that they are progressive, but they’ve criminalized recreational and public nudity as far as they can without violating state laws. There isn’t much tolerance for the naturism lifestyle here. Still I am open about it and even try to promote it as much as possible in social circles. There are probably a few cases where I have pushed the limit with some groups of people, because there is no reasoning with some people that are intent on conforming with the prevailing opinions so they feel that they are accepted. I shy away from it in my professional life which means I am conflicted about discussing it openly on social media under my name which makes me feel like a hypocrite. I will never deny being a naturist no matter what the person’s opinion.

    When I find a partner also into naturism, I will become more of an open activist because I have support. Strong activism is difficult for us because we are generally a quiet and peaceful people by nature.

  2. mrich2029 avatar Matthew Richardson says:

    I’m not an evangelical nudist or anything, but I don’t shy away from talking about it. There was this time at work when I had a “I <3 Nudity" background on my phone and one of my coworkers saw it, and she looked at me quizzically, and I looked back at her and she pretty much accepted it and that was it. I've had conversations about it at church before, I think I even shocked my childhood best friend when she saw a post about it on IG . . . but no one's ever said anything negative about it to me, maybe because they've known me for so long . . . But I also know that there are people that I can't really have this conversation with, because they are closed (clothed) minded, and don't accept differing points of view.

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