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As part of today’s offerings for Women on Wednesdays I share some tweets written by @Kwentonza reflecting her response to folks who insisted on sending her nude pictures of themselves. The timing could not have been better, given’s launch of the “More Than Pics” campaign.

Kwentonza is a nude model and someone who enjoys being in her own skin. I came across her posts on Instagram and Twitter some months ago. Posts like the one below, in particular, have resonated with me, as it speaks to the power and freedom being clothes free affords her:

In late April 2016, Kwentonza shared the following tweets from Kwentonza caught my attention:

These tweets caught my attention given some encounters I and other women have had regarding some online behavior. For whatever reasons, when people read that we are into clothes free life, naturism or nudism, they get this idea that we want privately-shared pictures of their naked bodies and that we want to privately share pictures of our naked bodies. The direct messages commence almost instantly in some cases. I have had someone say to me, “People think I’m a perv. I don’t know why,” and then proceed to spam me with naked bathroom selfies. Gosh, what a head-scratcher of a question.

For some people, it is uncomfortable to randomly receive nude images via direct message. As I mentioned in another piece I wrote recently about women and online behavior, even when I have talked with other women one on one, we don’t send random naked pictures to each other. So, of course it is baffling when people with whom we have had very little interaction want to strike up a private conversation and send naked images. We don’t know each other, we haven’t talked, I haven’t even seen a picture of your per parrot. The question with which I am often left is, “What is it that you want to show me privately that you wouldn’t post on your regular feed?” If you post it on your page, I and everyone else in your circle will see it, and that’s more than sufficient. Personally, I am perfectly happy without pictures as long as I get a sense of people’s humanity…that thing called a soul inside the skin-tight packaging.

The tweet that brought it all together for me was this:

I wonder this not only about those who aren’t true naturists, nudists or clothes free folks, but also of some within those circles. I wonder if those who demand that people post pictures “or else it isn’t true / didn’t happen” would sever connections, judge, block just because others do not choose to put up naked pictures to “prove” themselves. Are they interested in the thoughts we have to share, the words we have to say, the life questions that come up?

Are they interested in anything other than my body?

Oh, wait. That’s a question I’ve asked all my life in textile contexts, too.

Makes one wonder…

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