More on nudism's aging population

Moon: Nudist camps need younger naked people

The two articles were together on a national news site.
One was about the Zika virus.

The other was about nudist camps struggling to recruit naked millennials.

I don’t think the first article will help the folks from the second article in recruiting.

Yes, nudist camps nationwide are struggling to get a younger membership.

The American Association for Nude Recreation — AANR — estimates that 90 percent of its 50,000 members are 35 and older. Many nudist colonies have tried marketing specifically to 18- to 35-year-olds, but it’s not really working as well as hoped.

Tan, an Australian naturist magazine, said that GenXers and GenYers are afraid of being seen nude on social media. What?

read more – Source: Pensacola News Journal

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