1,500 women apply for Spencer Tunick RNC installation

Last month, artist Spencer Tunick put out a call for women to pose nude at the Republican National Convention this summer. They’ll be part of his latest large-scale art installation: “Everything She Says Means Everything.” According to Tunick, the response has been massive. He says 1,500 women have applied for the 100 available spots.

“The response has been incredible,” said Tunick, who recently returned to the U.S. after organizing a project in Bogota, Colombia. “These women really are so brave.”

Tunick shared with Esquire some of the reasons the women gave for wanting to participate:

“As a woman, I want to stand up for my reproductive rights.”

“As a Hispanic, I want to be seen as a member of this community.”

“As a first­-generation American, I want to show that anyone deserves the opportunity to come here. “

“As a young woman, I want to embrace my body and everyone else’s size and shape.”

“As a human being, I want to stand up against Trump and other Republicans whose hateful speech towards women, immigrants, LGBT people, and all ‘others’ is poisoning this nation.”

Read more at source: Esquire

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