5 marketing hacks for promoting nudism naturism and clothes free living

Today I came across a post on the R/nudism Reddit which is emerging as a place for some of the best and most intelligent conversations about nudism and naturism online.

Ideas to promote nudism/naturism online? from nudism

The question is a very important one for the future of nudism/naturism. As has been shared before it seems to this writer that we have lost our brand and are I jeopardy of not ever being able to reclaim it. So I responded to the original post and thought to share the response here for those who are not on nudism.reddit.com and to illustrate an effective marketing technique. Share in the comments if you recognize the technique.

My reponse

The issue is really as simple as you state it. Those doing the marketing are typically out of touch with current  fast moving marketing trends or promote other stuff using nudist label.

We have tried to address some of these issues through our web site but they remain a challenge.

  1. Most of the images you find on the internet that “supposedly”promote nudism stink. They are amateurish at best pornographic as worst. No attention is paid to typography, the color schemes, brand messaging or communication technique. HACK – Using the right typography, emotive color schemes and effective brand messaging and targeted communication techniques are essential when using visual imagery to promote a subject. Ex www.twitter.com/cloptzonebuck 
  2. Most web sites look like the web of old decades ago when I was was coding web sites by hand. I remember doing stuff like the stuff that still passes for nudist/naturist websites today back then but never would I do that now. Most of those sites are not even meeting web 1.5 standards much less addressing Web 2.0 best practices. i.e NO CLIP ART CLIP ART IS BAD DON’T USE CLIPART ON YOUR WEB SITE! Since most people will get their first impression about a business or organization from their web site, the Internet sophisticated client is already lost before they make direct contact to learn how “friendly” you are. Really do you think a potential client thinks you are going to say you are the place with the most unfriendly people? HACK – Lose the clip art use real pics. Good pictures can be taken with most cell phones and people can be strategically pose to maintain privacy and meet social media expectations. Design your web site like you are in the 21st not 20th century. Ex www.vritomartis.com
  3. Slow adoption by nudist/naturist advocates of new technology. Nudist folks are loving all over FB now when all the buzz has moved to snap chat. Limited or no use of Pinterest Instagram and other social media platforms. HACK -Keep up with social media trends especially those related to your target audience. If you are want to reach the 8-35 crowd today being on Snap chat is a must. Even if you don’t get it get a presence there. Ex TBD
  4. Poor implementation by nudist/naturist folks of new technology. When new tech like live video streaming, podcasting or interactive game/presentations etc emerge folks don’t take time to learn how use them effectively and appropriately. Instead the technology use tends to be sloppy representations of old tech. HACK – Learn how to use the new tech effectively and purposefully before throwing stuff online  Try to make quality use of the new tech understanding that every fail is a marketing negative for the cause. Ex spreaker.com/Clothesfreelife
  5. No unifying brand. Nudist/naturism means something different to everyone so the clarity of top freedom/bare chested equality (free the nipple) is lost to the ether when it comes to naturism/nudism and others have stepped in and defined it for themselves. HACK – Define a new brand that goes beyond labels, organizational identity and philosophical ideals. A brand that is engaging and easy to understand by anyone including those outside of naturism and nudism. Become more cooperative and less competitive while maintaining expertise and experience in specific spaces. Ex TBD

In spite of all this there is one area where things are moving in the right direction.  Folks are using new technology to claim space that effectively promotes nudism/naturism in electronic publishing. The past couple years has seen an emergence of naturist themed fiction by several authors that is taking steps towards claiming its space a a bone fide genre. By and large the quality is top shelf and the representations overwhelming positive. This next year could see the emergence of an electronic publishing house that get more books out. Ex https://www.facebook.com/Retired-Eagle-Books-1615937225297851/

So that’s my rather lengthy take on the  original which is a question something we try to address through our web mag social network and upcoming online hub for naturist creatives. What do you think?

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