Artist Aleah Chapin tackles gender, aging and what it means to be in a body

Unflinching Nude Portraits Explore The True Spectrum Of Gender

“I’m not exactly sure what I would describe my current style as,” artist Aleah Chapin disclosed in an interview with The Huffington Post. “Realism in every sense of the word?”

To encounter a Chapin painting is to confront a human body stripped of shame, censorship, or stigma. The massive canvasses, measuring in around seven-feet high, illustrate the flesh we inherit and inhabit throughout out lives. While most nude representations we encounter today are airbrushed and photoshopped in ways both subtle and glaring, Chapin’s paintings privilege the body’s most imperfect moments, lingering on every scar, wrinkle, hair and mark as if they’re stars in the sky. As such, there’s an honesty to Chapin’s work, and even more so, a radical acceptance of bodies as they are, not how we’ve come to think they should be. 

“What compels me about the nude figure is it’s simplicity and complexity and that fact that we all have a body,” Chapin explained. “Clothes say so much about a person, so when you take that all away, what is left is raw, honest, vulnerable and universal. I have always been drawn to works that seem to represent a real person who has lived a life, versus the idealized nude that feels more like an idea of a person. I want to feel things when I look at art, and when I can sense their life happening before the painting was created, and moving on afterwords, I’m much more compelled and inspired.”

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