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What began as a dare soon became a passion when I very quickly realised that the weirdest thing about being naked was that it didn’t feel weird at all. Then I discovered Instagram sites such as Clothesfreelife and was inspired to explore more.

Being naked at home became the norm, but that then prompted me to take the freedom outdoors. Again, Instagram posts became my inspiration but the problem lay in finding places to go where I could be free of clothes without ‘alarming’ the clothed hikers and bushwalkers.

But with a bit of research and planning (and often luck) I found it was certainly possible. In general I look for quiet, yet inspiring wilderness areas in my state of Victoria, preferably with a river or waterfall for swimming, or secluded tracks for exploring.

I do take a cotton ‘hiking kilt’ with me in case I encounter others en route who might not appreciate the freedom of being clothes free… But I have yet to use it – even when some hikers wandered past me while I was swimming in a river. They waved and said hi. They understood.

I now go hiking almost every weekend – sometimes solo, sometimes with a mate – but always making time to ditch the clothes and go for a swim, a sun bake, some naked contemplation or a cheeky wander.

Not only has the clothes free life encouraged me to explore the beauty of nature and the freedom of the wilderness, but also, surprisingly, increased my body-confidence. When you’re naked, there is no pretence… just freedom. Viking steel

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  1. zjuzdmeorg avatar
    Paul 3 years ago

    I enjoyed reading this and hope for many more clothes-free experiences in nature for you.
    After all, those are the very best…

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