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Sometimes doing it is the best.

When the need arises…

Of course, when the need arises you should do something about it. In my case the need was to get out of the car and into my house. Nature itself was creating a bit of a challenge for that though.


Yes. Rain. And not just the odd drop but a veritable downpour that most people may never see in their life. According to the rain radar on my phone this deluge wasn’t going to stop soon (and it was right).


wetclothesSitting there in my car, watching the rain, it was obvious to me that getting out there would mean just one simple thing: getting soaked within seconds.

Yes. Jumping into a tub with clothes on would probably be slower than going through this bout of rain. You know how it feels to walk around in wet clothes, right? Not something to look forward to.

This was a drastic situation and asked for a drastic approach.

Stripping in the car.

I decided to get out of my clothes. I had a plastic bag with me that would just about hold them, apart from my shoes. All I kept on was my underwear, because no matter how drastic life can be, I did have to go through a street and someone going around totally naked would not be appreciated. My car isn’t very big, so getting out of all the textile was quite a challenge, but I managed it. Then I just got out and started walking the few hundred yards (about 600 feet I think) to the front door of the building where I live.

As I had already expected I was wet all over in about half a second, but that was fine. Most of the wet landed on my skin and ran down. Still too bad about the underwear as that felt icky but I did not want to push things over a limit. Yet.

What are you doing?

That was the question someone asked me. The poor sod in his wet clothes was walking his dog and stared at me. “What are you doing?” Of course I told him I was going home. “But you’re getting wet!” was his clever observation.

“Well, so are you, and all I will need is a towel when I come in,” I said. He needed a few moments to realise that I was right. Moments in which he and his dog got even wetter while the rain kept running down my skin without much of a bother. The temperature was okay for that. I wished him a good day and kept going. When I reached the front door he was still standing in the pouring rain, looking at me.

You just have to do it.


(cover of Laughter in the rain, by Neil Sedaka)

Do you see what I just described? I want to be outside as naked as I can. Most of the time there are limiting factors, but this time I took one of those factors and turned it around to my benefit.

If you feel like I do then you can keep an open eye and an open mind, and make the best of situations. And if someone asks you what the hell you think you’re doing, it pays to have a good response, but if you can’t come up with one you can simply tell them that you do what you think is best. How far can you go? That is entirely up to you. You should be aware of what’s possible in your area; the differences are too big from one place to another, one country to another, so make sure you don’t end up where you don’t want to be. But look for possibilities and take them when they are there.

Be well. Be naked. And sing and laugh in the rain. Naked if you can.

And for those who don’t know the song:

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