vietnam to lift a ban on nudity

Thanh Nien News reported in an article from July 2 that Vietnam will lift its controversial nudity ban.

“The decision was made after many critics strongly opposed the rule, which was introduced a few weeks ago.

Soon after the ban took effect, Vu Khanh, chairman of the Vietnam Association of Photographers, criticized it, saying that the ban will cause many difficulties to artists.”

This comes less than two months after the culture ministry put a ban on nudity into effect on May 15, 2016, per a Thanh Nien News article from April 2016.

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“Vu Khanh, chairman of Vietnam Association of Photographers, said artists have been taking nude photos all the time.

‘Nudity is not encouraged in Vietnam, but it has never been banned.’

The new rule will cause many difficulties to artists, Khanh said.

An official from the fine arts department at the culture ministry dismissed the rule as ‘a violation to personal freedom’ which will affect both photographers and models.”

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