naked soul reflection: doing / non doing

In this week’s Naked Soul Reflection, we look at the balance of doing and non-doing.

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This past week brought the question of balancing doing and non-doing to the forefront for me. It was a question with which I had been wrestling for quite some time, actually. Years. But, in the past week, it surface quite strongly not only as I reviewed the news, but also as I considered my family members and dealt with friends and colleagues at the office. I even engaged the question around eating.

When should I be in action and when should I be still?

Some questions to consider for the week:

  • What issues in your life bring up the question of whether or not to act?
  • Can you take a step back for a few moments and be still to observe your thoughts?
  • Are you wondering if you should act, because you feel like you “should” say or do something, or do you have a clear call in your heart to say/do something specific?

These questions could apply to anything, even something simple. The point is to observe your thoughts and impulses, and navigate non-doing / doing from an intentional place; being still until you’re clear, intuitively, on what to say/do.

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